Monday, January 13, 2014

Sunday foodings & Monday musings

Late post, couldn't be bothered last night. Sorryyyyyyy.

Here's what I ate.

Brunch - halloumi, bacon, avocado, tomato & basil on durum wheat toast.

Dinner - short rib & ox cheek stew with cabbage & mashed potato

Dessert - strawberry & lychee gateau, mince pie.

 Snacks - an orange & 5 quality street.

Didn't get up early enough to make breakfast since I didn't go to sleep till after 2am (surprise). Merlin also decided to start whining at 6am. Cool.

Got a latte for breakfast. Not winning.

Need to run today since I missed yesterday. This week is a bit annoying because I'm going out Friday for a friend's birthday so I need to fit all my runs in a shorter space of time. I'm gonna try not to drink. Hm.

The gym is booked up for the classes I want. Body Pump has space for tonight (but I need to run tonight) and it's fully booked for Thursday. Annoying. Come March they'll probably have space again.

Maybe I should do Pump tonight and run Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday and Friday so I'll at least get 3 runs in (my exercise week runs Sunday - Saturday, bizarre I know). Definitely not gonna make a Saturday run if I go out on Friday night, regardless of alcohol consumption.  Although me getting up on Friday morning to run is questionable so I might have to suck it up and go on Saturday anyway if I miss Friday.

Scheduling is funnnnnn.

Can't wait till I can actually haul my ass out of bed and run in the mornings again. I miss that.

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