Thursday, January 02, 2014

January - Goals Revisited

I thought it would be a good idea to revisit the goals list I blogged about in November every month to see progress against them.

So, new year and a new start. Let's see where I am.

Health & Fitness
  • Run 5k without stopping
  • Run 5k in less than 30 minutes
  • Run 10k without stopping
  • Run 10k in less than 60 minutes
  • Run a 7 minute mile
  • Run and finish a half marathon, no time goal
  • Finish a sprint or standard distance triathlon, no time goal
  • Gain more upper body and core strength
  • Have optimal blood pressure instead of normal
  • Lose some a lot of fat
  • Cut down on smoking   DONE (switched to e-cig Dec 2013)
  • Eat less carbs, eat more protein & (good) fat
  • Stop partaking in office 'fat Fridays' EVERY week
  • Remember that lattes (either skinny or normal) are not for every day
  • Remember that diets don't stop just because it's the weekend
  • Remember that eating well still counts even when I'm drunk, hungover, sick etc
  • Alcohol in moderation / less frequently :'(
Knowledge & Learning
  • Read more nutrition books
  • Read more about running, weight training and general fitness
  • Learn a language to a good conversational standard
  • Dedicate a few hours each week to learning how to play the bass once my wrist is sorted out
  • Keep up with current affairs
  • Read more novels
  • Save at least £1,000
  • Thorpe Park!
  • Travel somewhere new inside the UK
  • Travel somewhere new outside the UK
  • Think before speaking
  • Be kind
  • Listen
  • Be helpful
  • Stop biting my nails (again)   DONE (Nov/Dec 2013, hopefully I can keep it up!)
  • Sing, laugh and dance more
  • Appreciate everything, even when things are hard
  • Learn to view myself in a positive manner
  • Be happy

 Two down - so far, so good.

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