Saturday, July 02, 2011

While I do have an undisputed love for cake...

It's time that myself and my love were separated (oh, my sweet, please do not cry for it is only a short while until we shall be reunited).

Okay, no, seriously. I'm getting married in uh... 9 weeks.


At this point I'd like to give a special mention to my wonderful fiancé, especially since it's likely he will be the only one reading this.

Anyway, I have 9 weeks before I get married and 4-5 weeks until I need to get my dress fitted. Me, being awesome as I am, said 'oh no, it's fiiiiine! order it a size smaller! of COURSE I'll fit into it by next year!'

Guess what?


I mean, okay, I almost fit.

There are about 3 - 4 inches that I need to lose and then it should fit. It's also possibly because the back panel is around half the size it should be. Y'know, that tends to make the dress not fit.

But still, I don't fit into my dress and that makes me freak out.

Naturally, this is less than fantastic. I managed to gain 15lbs (maybe more) from October to January. Since then I've been working my backside off to lose it and more, but my body is not being co-operative. I tried weight watchers (again), I tried my own thing (and various adaptations of my own thing) but NOTHING seems to work. Even going to the gym 6 times a week didn't work. It's like a cruel joke from the universe or something.

So, my mother went to her reflexology appointment last night, and the woman is also a registered nurse/nutritionist. In short, she said that I worked my body too hard and it just went F-YOU, and the only way out is to do a meal replacement ketogenic diet (which she normally wouldn't recommend for sustainable weight loss... but, desperate times and all that).

Now, I'm the type of person where I'd rather not eat than just have a little of something. I can't have a SMALL piece of cake, what ever would be the point? I'd rather have no cake than torture my tastebuds by giving them a glimpse of something delicious.

Ok, I got side-tracked by cake (this is not the first time), where was I?

Oh yes, diets that put you into ketosis.

Scientific explanation cut short, ketosis is the state your body has to go into to produce energy when you're not eating carbs.

Since I have this Texan 'go big or go home' attitude when it comes to food (which is odd because I've never even been to Texas and I probably couldn't locate it on a map)... I'm opting for a meal replacement diet.

Oh the joy. I actually did a week of the Cambridge diet last year which I definitely think kick started my weight loss when I did weightwatchers after - I totally miss the fact I ate so much and lost a steady 2lb/week with no exercise.

For anyone who doesn't know, meal replacement diets are shakes/soups/bars. I opted for shakes/bars simply because I don't really like eating soup in the summer. I chose the Exante diet (I believe that all meal replacements are the same & probably manufactured in the same place) because it's cheaper than the other meal replacement diets out there. I ordered the month pack last night, so it should arrive on Tuesday with me being able to start Wednesday.

Aside from having to stomach the banana shakes (I hate banana flavour ANYTHING) I'm hoping it will go quite well.  I just hope the shakes are tolerable because I really don't like most protein shakes at all. Incidentally, I brought protein powder the other week and sold it to a work colleague for a reduced price because I couldn't stand the taste.

Anyway, this post is becoming ferociously long. So much for a short and sweet introduction!

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